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Welcome to the official and informative NEW Grand Central Motors website. 

Changing our website and updating the features has been a great deal of fun, and has opened up doors not even we realized were possible. Living in an era where yesterday’s technology is already outdated, forces us to keep in touch, adjust and adapt to change, and offers great learning experiences. So, we truly hope that you will not only enjoy the new site, but in doing so, through the Customer Feedback feature, perhaps you will share new ideas, interesting facts and become part of the family, adding your valuable comments and information.


While touching on the topic of change and being forced through these changes to be a quick change artist and blend into the changes we are all faced with daily, I believe this is the right opportunity to share some changes with our customers that we may not have been able to communicate as easily 3 years ago, prior to us setting up our website.


Our customers are extremely important to the success of our business and therefore the levels of service we deliver are extremely important and are constantly under scrutiny, not only to find fault but more so, to allow us to develop and evolve as times change. We are in the middle of an extremely difficult economic slump in the country-the Motor Industry is not immune to the difficulties customers are faced with, and the disappointments when finance applications are turned-down. This raises concerns for our customers and disappointment when the reality sets in that they are not being afforded the best driving experience possible. When things go right and the deal is approved, we then find ourselves up against a brick-wall as licensing of these vehicles becomes a nightmare and can take up to 2 weeks, while anxious customers are frustrated at not being able to take delivery of their vehicles. We have tried and gone to great lengths to arrange temporary permits for our customers in the past, but even this is proving to be almost impossible with the restraints put into place by the licensing authorities. As much as we would like to give our customers a Grand send-off on the set date of delivery, this is just not possible without the vehicle being registered. On this note, I would like to request that our customers allow a minimum of 2 weeks for licensing and registration. This is not always the case and very often depends on the area the licensing authority falls under. We will continue to do all that is humanly possible to speed up the process and ensure that your vehicle is licensed prior to delivery with the shortest possible waiting time. 


The levels of service, both from a sales point of view as well as a service perspective have changed dramatically since January 2009. In the latter part of 2008 we were a pilot dealer for Mercedes Benz South Africa, together with 2 other dealerships, to implement, test and participate in the development and feasibility of using the JD Powers International CSi platform to measure dealers nationally on CSi. This was a very exciting and interesting period for us and based on the results of many hours, days and months data collected, the new CSI format was implemented and we are currently in the middle of the roll-out now together with the balance of dealers nationally.


Again, thanks to technology and the feedback received from a large customer sample, our CSI Surveys, ( which I must admit are longer, yet cover a much larger area of service delivery) will now go out to our customer base electronically, via e-mail. This will afford our customers the opportunity to give us, and MBSA, feedback on their overall experience at the Dealership, in the comfort of either their office chair or at home. E-mail survey requests that are not accepted by our customers will be indicative that a telephonic survey would be preferential. You, as a valued customer, are under no obligation to complete the survey, either electronically or telephonically, but we would like to believe that you accept and understand the importance of your comments in affording us the opportunity in bettering our business on a daily basis, in order to give you the very best levels service that we believe you deserve as the most important contributor to the success of Grand Central Motors.


Any staff member at Grand Central Motors is approachable for any suggestions or concerns you may have. If however, you feel that you would prefer taking these issues up with a member of the Management Team, I would urge you to do so, by contacting any of the dynamic team members available for your convenience:


Robbie Matticks   Franchise Dealer Principal
S'Marie Driver       Assistant to the Franchise Dealer Principal
Johan Heyneke    General Manager

Ronnie Douglas   Sales Manager, Mercedes Benz New Vehicles

Dawie Roux         Sales Manager, Chrysler Jeep and Dodge New Vehicles

Gary Shapiro       Sales Manager, Pre-Owned

Eric Calverley      Mercedes Benz Service Center

Ettienne Geel      Service Manager Chrysler Jeep and Dodge Service Center

Gerhard Albertyn  Parts Manager



Now, before the specials fade and the prices disappear into cyber space, take a journey into our hearts and see the passion in our products, as you page through the site and find your dreams!!